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Bumpers are a brilliant innovation in the world of automotive technology. They have had to change and evolve over the years to reflect the advances in automotive performance and the changes in driver performance. Today we drive faster, drive more often and sometimes maybe a bit more relaxed than we should be. Combine that and larger vehicles and smaller parking spaces and it is almost a certainty that your bumper will one day take the brunt of a collision.

After all, that is what they are supposed to do. Save your car. A bumper is designed to absorb the shock of a collision and to prevent more serious and expensive damage to your vehicle. Without them, every minor collision with another vehicle or a poorly placed pole could mean a catastrophic repair bill to your vehicle.

With our Original OEM suppliers we will have a new bumper for your vehicle quickly and for a reasonable price. Our network is nationwide so no matter what year or model we are sure to find the perfect replacement. Once the bumper has arrived we will do all the necessary preparation work involved and install your new hood to factory specifications. Our factory trained and skilled certified technicians are here to make sure that your safety is firmly taken care of.

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Having a great body shop on your side can be the solution to problems you hope never to face. While the streets of Cape Coral and Estero are generally calm, you never know when your Porsche, Volkswagen, or Audi may become a magnet for an errant shopping cart. Worse yet, accidents can happen, and they will often need repairs to your car’s sheet metal, paint, or glass. That’s when you’ll be glad to have Naples Premium Collision Center there to help you through your difficulties. Our shop has provided repair services to the Naples region for years, and has become one of the most trusted body shops around.

Not all body shops know how to treat luxury brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Bentley, Jaguar, or Aston Martin. Our technicians have the training and equipment to deal with these high-profile makes. We have the correct parts, paint, and tools on hand to provide incredibly accurate repairs that can return your vehicle to like-new condition. We work with dealers in the Naples region, and can provide you with genuine automaker parts and OEM parts for repairs.

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