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Before we can do anything, we need to assess the damage and work out a plan. Our estimation team will go over your vehicle and enter information into our computerized estimating system, in order to provide the best estimate possible.
After the estimate is complete, we will communicate with your insurance company to decide the next step – whether to proceed with repairs and how to proceed, or if your insurance company deems it a total loss. If we can proceed, we’ll check to see what parts we may need to order in to make the repair, and order what is necessary. While we evaluate your vehicle, you may want to see about renting one of our rental vehicles available on site so you aren’t without a set of wheels.

Repair Preparation

Once we have the okay from you and the insurance company, we can then proceed with prepping your vehicle. This starts with disassembly, where we sometimes find additional hidden damage that may require a change in the estimate and a re-inspection by your insurance company. It also might result in the ordering of additional parts to repair your vehicle. We will check and make sure that we have all of the structural and mechanical parts to begin repairs.

Inside the Repair Shop

We start from the ground up when repairing the damage to your car. The first area we work on is the structure of the vehicle, to make sure the frame, chassis, and supports are all in proper shape – there’s no point in taking care of cosmetic damage before we take care of structural damage. We incorporate advanced laser measurement tools and a computer-based system to analyze the frame of your vehicle and make sure it is restored to original specifications.

After the bones of your Bentley are repaired, we can then restore it to its original exterior appearance. We replace exterior panels and perform necessary metal finishing, aligning it to restore the sleek curves and contours of your car. If they need to be painted to match, once they are the right shape, the parts are whisked away to our paint booths. Using computerized paint matching and an enclosed environment, we can make sure the right color is applied in a controlled environment, free of dirt and dust.

Then, it’s time to put everything together. Reassembly includes putting on molding, detail pieces, and badges, along with checking all of the operating systems.

Post-Repair Quality Assurance

Our repair process includes full detailing, done by a full-time professional detailer. This includes deep cleaning and preparation. Your vehicle is tested for roadworthiness and fully inspected to make sure it meets or exceeds industry stand

Getting Your Vehicle Back to You

Finally, it’s time for you to get your car back. We will call and schedule a time – we know that with your busy schedule making the drive from Cape Coral, Florida or Estero might need scheduling ahead of time. We will go over all paperwork, take your rental car return, and you’ll be able to drive off our property in a vehicle as good as new.

At Naples Premium Collision Center, all of our repairs have a limited lifetime warranty. We strive to have the highest quality of collision repairs in the Naples area. With highly-certified technicians and a friendly, knowledgeable staff on hand, we feel we’re the top auto body and collision repair center in the southwestern Florida region. So next time you get a nick in your Nissan or a dent in your Jaguar, give us a call and we can get your vehicle back to like-new shape.

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