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You don’t want to put a lot of thought into the repair of your vehicle. You want it back, like new, as fast as possible so you can get back to cruising the coastline from Bonita Springs to Cape Coral with the top down. There are decisions you’ll need to make while planning for repairs that can affect the process, or can affect your vehicle down the road.

When you’re talking about all of the parts you could be putting in your vehicle, you’ll have to make the decision about what types of parts to use. There are a number of terms thrown around regarding types of parts, but it generally boils down to three different kinds: Genuine Manufacturer Parts, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts, and Aftermarket parts. Knowing the difference will help give you some piece of mind in the work that we here at Naples Premium
Collision Center perform.

Genuine versus OEM

Genuine parts and OEM parts are very similar. They are often made by the same companies, to the same specifications. Often, the difference is branding and packaging; a genuine part will come in the original carmaker-branded packaging, and will have stampings that are identical to the part it is replacing. The OEM part, on the other hand, will be branded with the part producer’s brand and stampings, and will come in the company’s branded packaging. Other than that, the parts should be nearly identical.

Genuine versus Aftermarket

Aftermarket parts are parts made by a company that is not the original manufacturer, and are not stamped by the car maker. Generally, these parts generally perform up to the standard of their OEM and genuine counterparts. However, for many exotic or luxury vehicles, aftermarket parts may be hard to come by. There may be measurements or materials that are difficult to match.

The Inherent Advantages of Genuine Manufacturer Parts

The most obvious advantage to using a genuine manufacturer part is that it is exactly the part that you are replacing, complete with markings and all. For some car owners, this isn’t a big deal. But for car fanatics and brand enthusiasts, having the exact part makes all the difference, and can have an effect on the resale value down the road.

Another advantage of a genuine manufacturer part is that it guarantees your performance characteristics won’t be changed. For highly-tuned cars, this is of great importance – an extra ounce here or an extra centimeter there can drastically alter how your vehicle performs. A genuine manufacturer part will not alter performance at all.

For many exotic and luxury car brands, such as Bentley, Rolls Royce, Jaguar, and others we are familiar with servicing at Naples Premium Collision Center, genuine manufacturer parts are a necessity. This is due to the fact that these vehicles are often custom-made tailored to specific styles and needs. For some of them, there won’t even be OEM or aftermarket parts available. For instance, a new front fender for a Maserati can only be found in one place.

Post-Repair Quality Assurance

Our repair process includes full detailing, done by a full-time professional detailer. This includes deep cleaning and preparation. Your vehicle is tested for roadworthiness and fully inspected to make sure it meets or exceeds industry stand

At Naples Premium Collision Center, we will always make sure to use the right parts for your vehicle. We have a wide range of sources for parts, including direct contacts with a number of exotic and luxury car makers so we can get you those hard-to-find parts that you won’t be able to dig up at your local parts center. So if you need a new bumper for your Benz, a valance for your Volvo, or a fascia for your Porsche, we’re the first place you should call. Our highly-trained technicians are accustomed to working with these sensitive genuine equipment manufacturer parts, and the cars that call for them.

So use our convenient online inquiry form to get in touch with one of our service advisors, or give us a call. We’re easy to get to from throughout the southwestern Florida region, and not far from cities such as Fort Myers, Estero, Florida and the surrounding areas. We’re just down the road from the Naples Municipal Airport in Naples, Florida, only minutes off of Interstate 75.

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