New Safety Features In Luxury Auto

When you are looking at new vehicles, the safety features may not be the eye-catchers, but they are certainly integral when it comes down to making the final decision. Everyone wants to be safe in their vehicles, and car makers know it. That’s why they continue to introduce new safety features every year, in an effort to provide greater peace of mind to drivers behind the wheel. 2016 looks to be yet another year full of safety advancements for luxury car makers, with a number of new technologies set to hit the streets.

Advanced Safety Systems

A variety of automatic advanced safety systems are making their way into vehicles. This will include:

  • Automatic braking at intersections, a system debuting in some Volvo models that can detect oncoming cars after turning and applies the brakes to eliminate or mitigate the crash.
  • Automatic cruise control featuring automatic slowing and braking, which while present in some luxury automobiles, is becoming common across the board.
  • Passenger detection and warning systems with automatic braking.
  • Automatic headlight adjustment system that will detect oncoming traffic as well as traffic to the front of the vehicle, and switch between high and low beam as necessary so as not to interfere with traffic around you.

Making Sure You’re Paying Attention

One of the biggest dangers on the road can come from other drivers failing to pay attention or, in some cases, even stay awake. Many vehicles coming out in 2016 will have some sort of lane departure detection and correction system in place. This is great for alerting drivers that they are wandering from their lane, or alert drowsy drivers that they made need to pull over for a rest. Volvo takes this area very seriously, with five different levels of detection that can lead to emergency braking.

Lexus goes one further though, bringing the Driver Attention Monitor to market. This system uses a driver-facing infrared camera that is mounted on the steering column. It detects if the driver is no longer facing the road, and can signal or act to control the vehicle if the driver does not react.

Safety When You’re Not in the Car

Many vehicles will be for multiple drivers, and this can include teen drivers. While parental controls have been part of safety suites for years, these systems have evolved. They will now be able to track driving habits, and essentially create a report card for parents. This includes tracking maximum speed, stability control events, and antilock brake events. The controls also allow the parent to set maximum radio volume, block specific radio stations, block incoming calls and texts on phones connected to their systems, and set the radio system to not work until seat belts are fastened.

All of these new safety systems will augment the improvements that are constantly being made to the already existing safety features found in luxury vehicles. From the braking system, to the stability and traction control systems, to the airbags, engineers are constantly striving to improve the safety and accident response features found in today’s cars.

No matter how many new pieces of safety technology make their way into the upcoming generation of vehicles, the best way to make sure you are safe is through heads-up driving, being aware of other drivers and your surroundings, and making sure your vehicle is always in top shape. Despite all of this, accidents can still happen, and that’s what Naples Premium Collision Center is here for. Serving the southwest Florida region, including cities like Cape Coral and Fort Myers as well as smaller towns like Estero and Bonita Springs, we are convenient and easy to reach. If your safety systems and driving skills can’t keep you and your car out of danger, bring it in to Naples Premium Collision Center to make sure you get it back on the road quickly, and up to the level you should expect.