Protect Your Car From Florida Sun

There are a lot of things in Florida that can punish your car, and force you to bring your vehicle in to Naples Premium Collision Center for repairs or cosmetic work. The sand can be abrasive, while the water will attack your vehicle and try to find ways in. The most damaging thing in the Estero for your vehicle isn’t either of these, instead, it’s something you see almost every day and something you are happy to see – the sun. It’s one of the main reasons you have moved to or stayed in the Fort Myers area, but it can also take years off of your vehicle’s life.

Sun Damage to Your Interior

The sun can cause your upholstery to fade, plastic components to dull, and metal parts and leather to heat up and cause burns when in contact with skin. This can cause short-term discomfort, and long-term damage.

One way to regularly stop the sun’s rays is to tint windows as best you can. There are dozens of brands of film on the market, some of which claim to block up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. They can be put on at home, and can last for up to ten years. If you’re not confident with your skills, you can always find a professional to install them for you – this service will be much more expensive, but also generally comes with guarantees.

Keeping your interior clean, and the surfaces moisturized, will prevent the leather and rubbers from become brittle from sun exposure. Make sure to protect the surfaces that get the most exposure to the sun. These would be the front dash, the upholstery of the windows sills, and any seats that get direct sunlight on a regular basis. Stay away from high-shine products, which can cause sun glare while you are driving, hindering the operation of your car.

Sun Damage to Your Exterior

While the clear coat of modern vehicles helps to protect their paint, the darker colors will still fade quickly, particularly blacks, dark blues, and dark reds. There are a number of ways you can protect your paint and more.

One way is through additional coatings on top of the clear coat. The first, and easiest, is traditional car wax. It provides relatively little in the way of protection, but is easy to apply at home, and cheap. It may add a few weeks to the life of your paint, but little more. The second level of protection comes through paint sealant, which goes on like car wax but holds up longer, even against rain. Finally, nano coating is available, a spray that develops into a hard, glossy coating, much like another level of clear coat. This is more expensive than the first two options but also holds up for up to two to three years.

If you want to block all the light, you can go a step further with a full vinyl car wrap. These are thin films that adhere to your vehicle, and completely block all environmental factors – not just sun, but also rain, hail, and more. They can also prevent rocks and debris from scratching and dinging the paint job. After a few years, they can be removed without damage. You can get them in colors to match your paint or use them to change the color of your vehicle. They are incredibly expensive, but are also the most effective option on the market.

At Naples Premium Collision Center of Naples, Florida, we can help you to bring your car back from sun damage. Our paint shop can rehabilitate your faded or otherwise sun-damaged paint job, in addition to the many other services we can provide. We’re conveniently located at 3409 Westview Drive Naples FL, 34104, an easy drive for anyone coming from Bonita Springs, or Cape Coral.