Top Tips to Prevent Car Accidents

Preventing Car Accidents

Did you know that every 60 seconds all over the world a car accident occurs? This is according to statistics by the National Highway Traffic Administration. Plus, anytime of day when you turn on a local traffic report you are bound to hear about car mishaps in your area. It’s just a fact of life that with this many cars and drivers on the road, issues are bound to come up. Safer driving is a learned skill that people should aspire to have.

Naples Premium Collision Center wants you to be as safe as you can in your automobile anytime you are on the road. As an auto body service company, we see many significant and devastating accidents that sometimes can easily be prevented with a little better driving know-how. Some of these tips can be common sense, and others can help you avoid major accidents, when you operate your vehicle in the right way. Here are the top tips we’ve come up with in how to prevent car accidents.

Be Aware Of What’s Up Ahead

This is called “scanning.” You want to ideally be sweeping your eyes back and forth about what is coming your way. Being aware of what’s up ahead of you can prevent a litany of car accidents, because you are paying close attention to things that are coming towards you. You don’t want to drive with tunnel vision because you can miss seeing a problem coming your way.

Know Your Blind Spots

Every car is a little bit different when it comes to blind spots. Even if you are in a car that’s unfamiliar to you, say you are driving a new rental car while on vacation, take the time to learn the blind spots well. That way you won’t be surprised if someone sneaks up into your blind spot that you can’t see. Adjust the rear, and side view mirrors accordingly, but make sure you also know they don’t cover everything.

Watch For Problem Vehicles

The basic fact is that people are careless. You can tell a lot about an owner by the look of their car. It goes without saying that a car in bad shape with a damaged right fender, might not be all that careful when they drive. Stay far away from those drivers. They probably aren’t paying very close attention to the road.

Know How You Feel

If you feel tired, sore, or irritated, it’s going to affect your driving. Know when to pull over and rest or hand the keys to someone else. You want to be fully alert, ready for anything the road may throw your way.

Never Ever Text

This shouldn’t even be a consideration that has to be stated, but it does. Many car accidents today are caused by distracted driving. That means that the person is texting or looking at their smartphone in some way and not watching the road. This is dangerous in so many ways that are unfathomable to think about. You know the commercials that show real footage of car accidents by someone who sent “just one last text.” It’s not worth it. If you need to, toss your phone in the trunk before you operate your vehicle, if you are too tempted to answer a text.